Passione are the experts when it comes to Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Respraying

Top quality roof respraying calls for quality roof preparation and good quality, suitable sealant spray.  No matter whether you own a metal or concrete tile roof, Passione Roof Restoration Experts will always do an first-rate job of preparation and supply the proper category of spray.

The constitution and state of rooves differ.  Picking the correct variety of roofing spray, and applying it carefully and effectively based to the manufacturer’s recommendations is our job.

You will be extremely happy with the appearance of your newly resprayed roof, and you will be assured that it will continue to look its best.

Roofing Tiling Repairs

As well as whole roof restorations, we can put together specific repairs to your tiled or metal roof.

The childhood saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is particularly true when it comes to the roof which protects your home.  Calling our business to replace a a small amount of cracked or busted tiles may save you the problem and expense of needing to deal with forthcoming harmful  leaks.

So if you need to keep your valuable house and possessions secure from the potential damages of wet weather conditions, call us to repair that minor tile damage before the problem gets worse.

Ridge Capping

Ridge capping offers the definitive weather protection and visual amenity for your metallic or concrete roofing.  The capping covers the joining boundary where two slopes of the roofing meet.

Passione Roof Restoration will install the perfect ridge capping no matter what type of material or style of roof you own. Our high standard installation includes bedding (which holds the  capping in position) and pointing (which seals the joins).

Your roofing will look great and be sheltered from leaks with ridge capping replaced or repaired by Passione Roof Restoration.

High Pressure Cleaning Services

Over time, your metallic or concrete roofing will be exposed to contamination including dirt, mould, moss and lichen.

These stains affect the appearance of your home.  Bird muck and mould spores can affect the health of the home principally for those who rely on rainwater tanks. These are significant motives for completing high pressure cleansing on rooves.

Moreover, if your roofing is being restored or repaired, high pressure cleaning is critical to put down the foundation for an effective and long lasting result.

Metal Roofing Restoration

When we bring back a metal roof, groundwork is the key to our well finished and long lasting result.

The roof is vigilantly inspected for any leaks, rust, insecure flashings and unfastened screws.  When these basic faults are corrected the roof is comprehensively cleaned via high pressure water spray, and gutters and downpipes cleaned and comprehensively flushed.

The roof are now sprayed by means of a high quality sealant roofing spray, that  will preserve and beautify your roofing.

We pride ourselves on our organization, eradicating all debris and leaving a fitting backdrop to your restored metallic roof.