Passione provides a variety of painting services for both domestic, commercial and industrial users.

Interior HomeĀ  Painting

We use only the best quality brands of interior paint, and elastomeric coating, which give protection against sun rain, mold, chipping, cracking & other extreme environmental conditions.

Pasione painting will offer Perth properties with wall stenciling, faux painting, rubber stamping and extra processes – on time & on budget.

Call 1300 172 774 for a At no cost in-home estimation within Perth western australia – or else make use of our quotation form on the website. Some tips for you:
Picking the right paint for your interiors

Think the mood you want to make then look at trends and adapt them to your own preferences. This is going to be the source of the internal painting ideas you should entertain. As a common rule, cool colours such as blue, green, purple, white or any light airy shade can make a room appear more spacious. On the other hand, warmer colours such as burgundy, yellow, tan and orange may form a more intimate comfy area and make a room look smaller.

Housing Exteriors

Regardless of whether your house is newly constructed or obtained from a prior owner, painting its exterior is the first action on the way to making it your home. Paints will additionally invigorate your home with your own particular design statement.
To achieve a durable and long-lasting paint job, the initial step is preparation, and the second step is using a quality coating.

Completing a top quality external paint job demands more than patience and perseverance. You require a sharp eye, a steady hand and a lot of practice to paint crisp, level lines.

We are the experts in property exteriors.

Driveways and Paving Areas

Passione painting Services use the Berger range of Jet Dry AquaTread for all outdoor paving & driveways. Berger Jet Dry AquaTread products provide permanence and increased stain resistance. Its water centered technology ensures rapid drying and recoating, and is much better for the environment than conventional solvent centered paints. speak to us today

Floor Painting
Passione Painting Services use floor methods that are planned with unambiguous features that talk to your requirements cost effectively no matter if it is epoxy coating, polyurethane concrete, urethane products or polymer resins. We work together with a broad range of coating suppliers so that we can choose exactly what you need.

Matching Flooring

Pasione painting design so as to offer protection together with aesthetic enhancement to a surface.

Pasione painting present a diversity of colors, enabling you to match your floor’s new look to the rest of your facility or customized design the color to go with your environment exactly.

Commercial painting

Pasione Painting, established in Perth western australia are fully licenced and insured commercial painting company.

Passione’s commercial painting services in Perth, comprises painting for brand new building construction and repainting of refurbished buildings for hotels, schools, retail centres, office complexes and retail outlets.

A lot of of these projects necessitate completion during school holidays, weekends, public holidays and outside hours thatĀ  we are more than happy to accommodate.

office painting services
commercial office painting
Passione Painting Services provides commercial internal and external paint services for office suites and workplace complexes.

These workplace painting projects range from total workplace renovations to fast office repair touch-ups.

If you are interested in our office painting services, or you’d like to request more information, please speak to us, or fill out our website quote form.

feng shui colours for your office

customer satisfaction
Whether or not it’s paying attention to the individual particulars of your office setting, or going beyond the call of duty, Passione Painting Services is designed to delight.

We are eager to do anything it takes to keep our customers satisfied by keeping the disruption to their staff surroundings at a minimum.Office painting may be one of the more complicated tasks, as there is frequently more fixtures, office equipment and other delicate items to be protected.

Industrial Painting Services

Our industrial painting services comprise spraying new metal structures and tanks, reconditioning used plant and equipment, removal of defective coatings, high pressure washing and building facade cleaning, new non slip coatings to flooring – and all protective coatings.

Passione Painting Services provides the highest quality painting products service by our qualified industrial painting staff.

Protective Coatings

Passione Painting products Services employ and suggest Dulux Protective Coating for every industrial painting job. Dulux has been a top manufacturer and supplier of quality protection coating for over 50 years.

They manufacture a wide range of coatings to fit all industrial projects. From the lighter industrial coating systems appropriate for machinery and metal, to top performance coating for protection in chemically and environmentally harsh surroundings.