Here at Passione Group we specialise in several key areas; Roof Restoration, Commercial and Domestic Painting, and High Pressure Cleaning. We are passionate about what we do and we offer a wide variety of services and have extensive experience.

We are the perfect choice for your next project, whether you are wanting your house painted or your roof repaired. Passione Group are the people for you.

With Passione Group, you can be assured that we will always deliver superior service that is on time and on budget.

Good Preparation
Preparation, Preparation, Preparation Even though it is usually a shortcut taken by many other companies, preparation is the key to get a good and satisfying job.

Clean Service
Any one job can sometimes cause more damage than good. Not taking shortcuts is a major player in preventing unnecessary damage and mess. If the proper precautions are taken promptly, it can save a lot of hassle down the track. And this is something Passione Group are well aware off. We do not take shortcuts and we always ensure we have a damage and mess free job.

Skill & Knowledge
Absolutely essential. If you ever tried painting or repairing your roof tiles you would probably know what I am talking about. Here at Passione Group, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Quality Products

Good tools and equipment make a difference. Choosing the right type of tools will contribute to quality and durability of the project. Passione Group use only the best in equipment and products to get your project done.